Round Rock, Texas – Citizens for Diversity in Leadership Roles (CDLR), a Round Rock political action committee has issued a plea to all of Round Rock’s registered voters to make their voices heard and vote in the upcoming May 4, 2019 City Council election. CDLR established as a PAC in 2001 by individuals active primarily in non-partisan, Round Rock elections such as the City Council and School Board races.

CDLR has vetted, endorsed and supported many of the candidates who have gone on to win local elections. While a significant percentage of the candidates have been women or minorities, CDLR utilizes a barometer that focuses on inclusion and equity in policy-making for Round Rock. As such, CDLR has endorsed candidates from all ethnicities and races as they run for elected positions. The CDLR support typically comes in the form of volunteer campaign activity and financial contributions.

After considerable vetting, consideration and discussion, CDLR endorses Blane Conklin for the Round Rock City Council, based on our barometer for optimal inclusion and equity in our evolving and growing Community:

Blane Conklin and his family have lived in Round Rock for the past 16 years. Conklin has served as a commissioner on Round Rock’s Historic Preservation Commission and is a member of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce. His wife Wendy is a small business owner. He has a PhD from the University of Chicago. Conklin is a Senior Business Analyst at the University of Texas. His office coordinates the benefits and insurance for 125,000 employees and retirees across the state. Blane and his wife Wendy have two daughters, one an engineering student at Texas Tech, and one about to graduate from Stony Point High School.

“Round Rock is growing and changing at a rapid pace. We are a diverse and vibrant city. We need leaders who are open and responsive to the voices of all the people of Round Rock and are committed to working for the benefit of everyone who calls Round Rock home. The CDLR has recognized that I am such a leader. I am grateful to have earned their endorsement.” – Blane Conklin