I decided to run for office because I love this country and I love my family. I care deeply for my two daughters and the nation they are inheriting as they enter adulthood.

I am running because I believe we cannot fix the problems that ail us from the top down. The remedies must rise from the bottom up. Neighbors need to work together with neighbors for the common good.

Round Rock is a special community with a rich history and a promising future. We are pragmatic and progressive. When you elect me to City Council tomorrow, it will not just be a victory for a few. Nor will it be a step forward for Round Rock only. It will reverberate throughout our region, across our state, and beyond.

What we have achieved together and what we will accomplish in the coming years will be what communities across America are desperate for: People of good faith working towards common sense solutions for the greater good of our families, our neighbors, our nation, and our world.

Thank you for making this journey with me. Now let’s cross this finish line strong, together, so that we might begin the next challenge with renewed strength and resolve.