As Spring struggles to emerge in central Texas, my thoughts turn to past Springs of my life. I just realized it has been 30 years since I graduated from high school. That can’t be possible – it seems just like yesterday! And yet, my youngest daughter will be graduating from Stony Point High School this May, so it must be true. It was in the Spring 16 years ago that Wendy and I moved to Round Rock and were able to buy our first home.

So it’s only natural that Spring reminds me of all the reasons we moved to Round Rock: good schools, safe neighborhoods, and a great quality of life.

Over the past two years, I’ve knocked on a lot of doors in Round Rock.
Some of those doors are worn and weathered.
Some of those doors are painted and decorated.
Some of those doors have an electric eye looking back at me.
Some of those doors have “No Soliciting” signs. I don’t actually knock on those doors.

All of those doors have someone behind them who needs a great school, a good job, and a sense of community that they can be proud of.

Like it or not, Round Rock’s future will involve more front doors. Growth is inevitable. But the question is, how will we manage that growth as a city? How will we ensure that long time residents are able to afford to stay in their homes? How will we protect our quality of life and ensure every family is able to share in it?

It will not be easy, but we can do both. We can be a place people want to move while continuing to be a place worth staying.

We don’t have to be a generic Any Suburbia, USA. We can be a place where we accentuate our quirks, celebrate our diversity, take care of each other, and move forward together. We can be a city that welcomes innovation and cherishes our diverse history. We can be one of the top cities in the nation, as well as a town with great neighborhoods and a sense of place.

We will do it with better planning for traffic solutions and by supporting our first responders and public safety professionals. We will do it by preserving green spaces and enhancing our parks and hiking & biking trails. We will do it by supporting the arts and local artists.

We will do it by remembering that our greatest asset is our people, and that our common good as neighbors is our highest priority.